Legion Vital Zones Kit

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- No Bolts!

- 100% AR500 

- No Chains!

- Ultimate Portability! 

- One Is Many





Using only the shape of the steel plate we have been able to create a revolutionary mounting system for AR500 steel targets.

First, we craft the bracket from AR500 steel and set it and angles that will not allow it to be destroyed by bullet impacts.

Next, we eliminated all welds, bolts, screws and other retaining hardware. The bracket is adjustable and allows the shooter to set the bracket at any height on the 2x4.

To install the bracket simply slide the tabbed slot over a common 2x4. Then press the front of the bracket down until it binds to the wood.

Configure the Legion Zone Silhouette plate, 8” Legion Zone Chest Plate and 6” Legion Zone Head Plate to practice hitting those vital zones.

Approximate Weight: 56 lbs  (Base: 15 lbs, Bracket 3 lbs, Vital Zone Plate 24 lbs, Zone Paddles: 14 lbs)

The Legion Vital Zone Complete Kit includes:

- 1x Legion Target Base
- 1x Legion 2x4 Zone Bracket
- 1x Legion Zone Silhouette
- 1x 8” Legion Zone Chest Plate
- 1x 6” Legion Zone Head Plate